Klau Geomatics, an Australian geospatial technology company, has announced a new PPK system for the DJI Matrice 200.


With a similar installation on the Inspire 2, the system is proven to consistently achieve 3cm absolute accuracy in photogrammetry processing with no GCPs. Following the incredible results achieved with the Inspire 2 and X4s camera, the M200 integration is a natural progression.


The M200 is a preferred platform for commercial operators as it is more weatherproof and the M210 enables users to carry two cameras.


The key to these incredible results are largely due to the qualities of the X4s camera; no moving parts, leaf shutter, low lens distortion and large sensor, it is an excellent photogrammetry camera.


Klau Geomatics include a modified and pre-calibrated, X4s camera in the plug and play PPK kits. This captures exact centre of exposure timing with quality GNSS data from the Novatel 7 Series board. This flows through the KlauPPK processing software to geotag photos with accurate coordinates in any coordinate system. The camera calibration parameters are another essential ingredient to eliminate systematic errors and achieve an unprecedented level of accuracy in photogrammetry processing.


See www.KlauPPK.com for more details.










The DJI implementation continues from the success of the system in enabling a wide variety of manned aircraft and drones to become precise survey grade mapping machines, including UAVs from Asctec, Microdrone, Mavinci, and custom builders.

The PPK system is a compact, easy to install unit that provides precise photo-center coordinates of up to 3cm accuracy, creating hundreds of high precision control points spread evenly over the project area, no matter how large. The system comes with powerful PPK post processing software for geotagging photos with accurate coordinates in custom datums.

Here is what Gavin Docherty, UAS Manager at Position Partners (http://positionpartners.com.au), has to say about the product: “Not only does the Klau Geomatics PPK save our customers time and money eliminating the need to access an entire site to place GCPs, it also produces results that are far more robust and reliable on every point of the processed model”.

Klau Geomatics PPK uses the highest quality Novatel GNSS board, typically found in military drones and manned aircraft. “We’ve successfully achieved our goal of producing the highest quality, plug and play PPK system to create high precision, reliable and accurate mapping. If required, the Klau Geomatics expert team is there to support our clients with custom integration and photogrammetric processing”, said Rob Klau, Director of the company.

Find out more about Klau Geomatics PPK and how it can help your business at www.geomatics.com.au and contact the Klau Geomatics team, [email protected], for your customized precise mapping solution.