PPK for manned aircraft


  • Carbon Fibre, 79 x 54 x 26mm, 96g
  • modular, moves from drone to drone
  • supports PPK, PPP NRT and PPP RT
  • subscription required for PPP
  • includes lightweight GNSS antenna

PPK or PPP NRT   US$ 5990

PPP RT   US$ 7490


  • rugged enclosure, 160 x 80 x 50, 420g
  • outputs for FMS, NMEA, PPS
  • supports PPK, PPP NRT and PPP RT
  • subscription required for PPP
  • includes approved GNSS antenna and cables

PPK or PPP NRT   US$ 8790

PPP RT   US$ 10190

Both the manned and unmanned systems are built on a NovAtel 7700 board receiving full constellation data, logging at 20Hz. This is industry leading technology at the core of our KlauPPK hardware, with advanced interference mitigation, military spec, tested over millions of hours.
Both UAV and Manned systems support PPK, PPP NRT and PPP RT.

KlauPPK for Manned Aircraft

Ruggedised, with connectivity to FMS, IMUs and Sensors


   US$ 8790

Core rugedised KlauPPK unit only

Built on the KlauPPK 7700C

KlauPPK works with your sensors, FMS and workflow to add high-accuracy Direct Georeferencing.
  • integrates with professional sensors, DSLRs, PhaseOne, Hasselblad, Multispectral, Hyperspectral
  • Integrates with various IMUs
  • integrates with flight management systems
  • time or distance camera triggering
  • IMU options to suit your requirements
  • No-base-station PPP/PPK accuracy real time or post processed
KlauPPK Phantom4Pro

Do you need a complete end to end solution?

We can help you build the manned aerial system to meet your needs including
  • flight management ,
  • precise georeferencing,
  • aerial cameras and LiDAR sensors,
  • aircraft pods, even aircraft!
  • not to mention software for planning, acquisition, georeferencing, photogrammetry and 4D data delivery.

KlauPPK Phantom4 Pro

A ready to fly, hyper accurate, geospatial weapon.


DJI Phantom 4Pro drone, modified and calibrated
KlauPPK 7700C hardware pre-mounted
KlauPPK P4Pro-specific desktop software

Built on the KlauPPK 7700C.

  • Use your drone for ground survey validation and GCP placement
  • More precise shutter timing capture
  • Individually calibrated lenses for each unit
  • Compatible with any flight controller app
  • KlauPPK desktop software included

This product has been a massive success and is a powerhouse mapping performer.

Unfortunately, we can no longer source the drones. If you have a Phantom 4 Pro we can retro-fit your drone.

KlauPPK Phantom4Pro

Processing options with versatility and convenience.

  • Optional base station from US$2,500 for traditional PPK processing


  • PPK/PPP ‘no base station’ post processing service by MakeItAccurate (US$1,800/yr) – with 2 weeks free to try it out

New Survey Phone App

Turn your KlauPPK into a ground survey instrument.

Survey phone app   US$ 600

  • Clip the KlauPPK from your drone onto the survey pole bracket
  • Run the phone app to collect ground survey points or place GCPs and check targets
  • Record point name, feature code, description, antenna height and a photo as you measure the point.
  • Post process as PPK or PPP/PPK in KlauPPK software

KlauPPK Sony Gimbal for DJI M300

Now you can carry a high quality Sony camera on your DJI M300 drone.

US$ 3090 

as part of bundle with KlauPPK module
and mounting kit.

US$ 4090 

gimbal alone, no PPK system.

  • Custom gimbal to carry a Sony RX1r2, a6300 or a7R camera
  • Fits M300, Inspire 2, M200/M210, M600, Wind4 and other drones with the DJI bayonet
  • Remote tilt control
  • Distance triggering
  • IMU to capture drone tilts for lever arm corrections
Capture very high quality data for the best possible mapping.

Dedicated Base Station

A simple base station option for PPK. Just turn it on and it’s logging the data you need.

US$ 2500

  • Logs full constellation (GPS, Glonass, Beidou and Galileo) data, dual frequency at 1 Hz.
  • 5/8″ survey standard mount or just sit it on the ground
  • Micro SD card logging
  • Micro USB charging
Set it up over a known control point or process the data with MakeItAccurate.com to determine its precise location.

Mounting Kits

The KlauPPK drone module will fit on most drones with most cameras by selecting the mounting kit to suit.

US$ 525

  • Brackets to plug-and-play KlauPPK on drones from Phantom 4 Pro, Inspire 2, M200/210, M600, Falcon8+, fixed wings, and custom drones.
  • Ruggedized system for manned aircraft with compliant antenna and mounting kit.
  • Connectivity to suit your camera, including DJI, DSLRs, PhaseOne and Micasense.
  • Move the KlauPPK module from drone to drone with additional mounting kits.
The modular design leverages the PPK system, enabling you to upgrade and grow your drone fleet, keeping the KlauPPK core hardware and workflow.

Camera Modification and Calibration

DJI cameras require a modification to capture the precise center of exposure timing. We also calibrate the camera in our lab. 

US$ 875

  • A small connector is mounted on the camera back, to connect to the KlauPPK unit
  • The modification captures the precise center of exposure timing to process in the GNSS trajectory
  • The lab calibration parameters will import into your photogrammetry software to achieve best possible height results without GCPs
  • Not required for DSLR and aerial cameras that have a flash or dedicated center of exposure output
A procedure is provided for DSLR camera customers to achieve a field calibration. This may hold from mission to mission depending on the camera characteristics (moving internal parts)

Configure your Klau Geomatics system.

Contact us to discuss a system
for your requirements.