LiDAR Devices

For Asset Managers, Miners, Military and Emergency Services. Brumby creates accurate data on the fly.

Drive or fly your site, remove the SSD drive and get to work with your georeferenced pointcloud.

  • Direct sales of LiDAR scanners
  • Geo-referenced LiDAR solutions for mobile and aerial mapping
  • Wide area mapping systems
  • Static stockpile volume scanning 

Brumby LiDAR

Mobile Mapping for vehicles, boats, helicopters and fixed-wing aircraft

End to end Georeferenced LiDAR solution, hardware, software and data delivery.

  • Integrated GNSS, IMU and LiDAR
  • Simple installation, operation and minimal data workflow
  • Australian designed and manufactured

The Brumby Controller

Heart of the Brumby LiDAR is the Brumby Controller, a powerful sensor integration and processing system.

Built with very low level machine code on dedicated processors to enable direct system integration and powerful data handling.

  • Dual Receiver NovAtel 7 Series GNSS , IMU, SPAN INS with real time NTRIP RTK or TerraStar-C Pro PPP. Accurate trajectory position and orientation for multiple sensors
  • Control of the Brumby LiDAR and other external sensors on the aircraft such as cameras from Fuji and PhaseOne, multispectral, hyperspectral and geophysics sensors. Integration with Flight Management System
  • Onboard processing of trajectory and georeferenced pointclouds from LiDAR

Klau Geomatics now represents
in Australia and New Zealand.


We offer direct sales and an unmatched level of support
for all of these products.

Looking for a LiDAR sensor  for your applications?

  • State of the art LiDAR technology
  • A range of point density, beam angle and distance options
  • Supported by Klau Geomatics, with or without integration

Our technical team has a deep understanding of the product suite, to a level not typically found in sales organisations.

This gives us the ability to offer insights and solutions, whether on the purchase of a stand alone sensor for your specific integration or with further engagement of our team to create a solution.


Static volume measurement automation

Simple, accurate stockpile volume determination

  • For outdoor or shed storage
  • Reconcile volumes of minerals, grain and other high-value assets at the press of a button
  • For outdoor or shed storage

Brumby LiDAR for Airborne GeoPhysics

Terrain swath mapping + positioning of other sensors + altimetry

Map the terrain below your regular airborne geophysics acquisition

  • Terrain mapping with minimal post processing
  • Positioning of other sensors and flight altimetry
  • Australian designed and manufactured

Geiger-Mode LiDAR for Wide Area Airborne Surveys

Massive area coverage and extremely high point density

Geiger-Mode LiDAR is a unique mapping technology in a league of its own.

  • First time in Australia in 2023
  • Map massive areas for resources, infrastructure, carbon bio-mass, forestry and fire load
  • Unprecedented data capture at scale

Not quite what you’re looking for? 

Klau Geomatics can customize a system with different IMUs and LiDAR scanners for your specific applications.

  • Single and dual receiver GNSS options with real time PPP or RTK, and optional PPK post processing
  • Hesai, Riegl, Ouster, Livox & other LiDAR
  • IMUs from Epson, Honeywell, Vectornav and KVH
  • Custom configuration to suit your requirements

Configure your Klau Geomatics system.

Contact us to discuss a system
for your requirements.