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Surveying with Drones and Managing Errors
Surveying with Drones and Managing ErrorsWhat surveyors live and breathe is error management, so let’s jump to the key points. Surveyors need to check their work. Beyond knowing if it is right or wrong, they need to measure how well they are measuring. Surveying 101.  One problem with consumer drone ...
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KlauPPK: Central to Accuracy in Open UAV Ecosystem
KlauPPK: Central to Accuracy in Open UAV EcosystemKlauPPK has been the go-to product for survey accuracy on drones since 2015. Now, as the industry starts to move away from the DJI monopoly to a more open architecture, the KlauPPK hardware and software solutions are an even more powerful component to ...
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Surveying Industry Set For A Shake Up with Affordable Professional Bundle
Surveying Industry Set For A Shake Up with Affordable Drone BundleWhen combined the KlauPPK and DJI Phantom4Pro become the most capable, light mapping drone on the market. NOTE: Unfortunately this bundle is no longer available as the P4Pro is discontinued. If you are lucky enough to have a P4Pro we ...
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Klau Geomatics Releases GNSS/IMU Hardware and Software Integration Platform.
Klau Geomatics is releasing the 7700C integration platform, a GNSS hardware system designed to integrate with external IMUs and IoT devices. The KlauPPK hardware/software product has been an industry leader in aerial mapping for over 5 years, with ongoing improvements leading to the release of the 7700C. The new 7700C ...
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CONDOR V8-PPK – Mapping Drone with Integrated KlauPPK
With the release of the new CONDOR V8-PPK mapping drone, Munich (Germany) based Videographics Ingenieurgesellschaft mbH has built the tool for precise photogrammetric aerial mapping and surveying projects. Introducing the CONDOR V8-PPK mapping drone, developed by Videographics mbH, CONDOR Multicopter & Drones GmbH and CADmium GmbH. Created as a centerpiece ...
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DJI M300 Mapping Payload from Klau Geomatics
 The M300 has hit the ground running with rave reviews on its capabilities. It features long flight time, good payload capacity, many refinements that I am sure you have read about if not seen in person. The inspection camera is a game-changer, with RGB, thermal and RGB zoom all recorded ...
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The Evolution of Accurate Drone Mapping
Over the past decade, the process of creating accurate 3D maps and models from drone photos has come a long way. Drone capture capabilities and photogrammetry processing software and services have improved in cost and efficiency to a point where 3D digital twins are a staple for surveying and inspection ...
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Klau Geomatics Releases Hybrid PPK PPP Processing
Post Processed Kinematic (PPK) has been the positioning tech of choice for the past few years. Drone operators have seen the advantages of PPK over RTK in the quest increased efficiency and accuracy with less dependence on Ground Control Points (GCPs). Now Precise Point Positioning (PPP) is coming into focus ...
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Phantom 4 Pro or RTK?
Over the past year or more the Phantom 4 RTK has become the popular entry-level mapping drone. But now with its older brother, the Phantom 4 Pro, back on the block, it’s worth taking a good look at how these drones go head to head on surveying and mapping. To ...
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KlauPPK: Versatile, with More Data, More Accuracy, More Options
Klau Geomatics, manufacturer of the KlauPPK system, has released a new hardware system that offers increased versatility in accurate positioning for UAV and manned aerial mapping. KlauPPK offers more versatility; the modular design can move between drones, cameras and modes of operation, PPK, PPP real time and PPP post processed ...
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