Ouster LIDAR

  • High resolution, 32 to 128 channels, 2M pts/sec
  • Performance, form factor, and low price point
  • With or without integration 
PPK for manned aircraft

Klau Geomatics represents OUSTER
in Australia and New Zealand.

We offer direct sales and an unmatched level of support
for all Ouster products.

Our technical team has a deep understanding of the product suite, to a level not typically found in sales organisations.

This gives us the ability to offer insights and solutions, whether on the purchase of a stand alone sensor for your specific integration or with further engagement of our team to create a solution.

Looking for a LiDAR sensor  for your applications?

  • State of the art LiDAR technology

  • A range of point density, beam angle and distance options

  • Supported by Klau Geomatics, with or without integration

KlauPPK Phantom4Pro

Not quite what you’re looking for? 

Klau Geomatics can customize a system with different IMUs and LiDAR scanners for your specific applications.
  • Single and dual antenna GNSS options
  • Ouster, Riegl, Hesai, Livox & other LiDAR
  • IMUs from Honeywell, Vectornav and KVH
  • Custom configuration to suit your requirements

Configure your Klau Geomatics system.

Contact us to discuss a system
for your requirements.