Most applications are best suited to a post processed solution, PPK or PPP NRT.
Traditional PPK requires base station data and our KlauPPK post processing software.
PPP NRT uses the same hardware and software, and applies global corrections data, available with a subscription. This enables the  KlauPPK post processing software to achieve spectacular absolute accuracy.
The PPP RT Real-time trajectory and orientation (GNSS or INS) solution for precise navigation uses Terrastar-C Pro satellite clock and orbit corrections, broadcast via satellite to the aircraft.  
No matter what your application; UAVs, Manned Aerial, LiDAR or other, you have the choice of PPK, PPP Real Time or Hybrid PPP/PPK Post Processed to get the best positioning accuracy to suit your worflow.


A quality, reliable PPK solution compatible with most manned or unmanned aircraft and cameras.
The UAV kit is modular and can move from drone to drone as you upgrade your fleet.
PPK requires base station data and KlauPPK post processing software.



KlauPPK quality PPK for manned and unmanned aerial mapping.
Industry leading hardware for the best in accuracy and reliability.
Base station data required from your own survey-grade receiver, purchase our dedicated base station or download CORS data. Direct download of CORS data is integrated with KlauPPK software.
Survey Grade Post Processing. Sync to photos, apply lever arm corrections, apply coordinate transformations and geoid models, calculate site localizations, export photos, and ground coordinates.


Post processed with global corrections for a no-base-station solution. Capture your data anywhere, without needing a local base station or CORS data download. No range limitations, autonomous high accuracy, anywhere.
Read our recent press release on the Klau Geomatics hybrid PPK/PPP processing.



No Base Station. Saves time and money, just fly without setting up a base station or sourcing and downloading CORS data. No more range limits to your base station.
Simple Operation. Out of the box system that can scale across enterprise operations. Just fly your drone, capture your data, ProNRT takes care of the “survey” side, making your data accurate.
High Accuracy Anywhere. Global corrections are applied to the data logged on your KlauPPK PPPNRT during post processing. No matter where you fly, anywhere in the world, your data is accurate.


Real Time high accuracy navigation and positioning.
Global corrections are transmitted via satellite to your KlauPPK system to produce precise coordinates in real-time.
Stream this data to your flight management or log with your sensor data.



High Autonomous Precision Precise and accurate antenna positioning after only 5 minutes convergence.
Simple Operation Log raw data and trajectory coordinates or stream precise NMEA positions to your flight controller or sensor.
Post Processing Option Post process raw data to apply lever arm corrections (from the antenna to your sensor) and coordinate transformations.

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