• Draw on the expertise of our Directors to help develop the most practical and efficient system
  • Our technical team can bring your system to life, both hardware and software

Consulting Services

Plan your system from the ground up

The path to a successful system starts with knowledge

  • Brett Johnson’s expertice comes from a broad portfolio of roles in aerial data acquisition, both hands on and executive, globally.

  • Rob Klau draws on decades of geodesy, exploration, surveying and mapping in challenging environments.

  • We can bring in the right expertise beyond our internal resources, with a network of brilliant people.

Integration Services

Build your system: hardware, software and workflow

Connectivity brings Synergy

  • Our team can execute on the plan to build your system
  • integrated with your existing components or a completely new and customised system
  • Brand Agnostic, open to choosing the right products for the best solution

Configure your Klau Geomatics system.

Contact us to discuss a system
for your requirements.