With the end of the DJI X4s camera, drone operators have been looking for a quality mapping camera solution for the Inspire 2 and M200/M210/M210V2 drones. Klau Geomatics has released a Sony camera/PPK payload to offer even better results from these drones. This enables more effective and accurate mapping and inspection using superior quality, plug and play camera payloads with precise 3D positioning accuracy.

Quality cameras

Sony, leaders in camera technology, have a number of quality cameras, proven to generate high quality mapping from drones. Models such as the RX1r2, a6300 and a5100 all have large sensor, leaf shutters and no moving internals to affect camera calibration.
An RX1r2 will cover twice the area of an X4s in each photo, at the same GSD. At 42 megapixels, this is a lot of data in each photo.
But it’s not just about megapixels. Selected Sony cameras also produce far better images because of the lens quality and larger sensor. Better depth of field, less noise, high dynamic range and ISO sensitivity. Ultimately this means clearer, sharper pictures with more data in the shadows and less geometrical distortion.
More data in each photo means better, more accurate mapping and inspection in less time.

Gimbal stabilized, calibrated cameras

Klau Geomatics has custom 2-axis stabilized gimbals for the RX1r2, a6400 and a5100 cameras, with adjustable and programmable camera pitch to move from nadir mapping to oblique inspection modes.
These cameras can be supplied with a calibrated, fixed focal-length lens, for accurate mapping without GCPs.

Smart Camera Trigger Control

A traditional setback for M600 operators with Sony cameras has been how to trigger the camera.
The latest KlauPPK systems, compatible with any drone, has smart trigger control functionality, enabling users to trigger the camera based on time or distance. Once the drone moves out of the configurable ‘3D home zone’, the camera will trigger at the user-prescribed distance (or time) interval, until it returns to the zone.

KlauPPK and PPP

The KlauPPK technology is proven to be the most accurate, robust and sophisticated PPK hardware/software system for accurate mapping and inspection projects.  This coupled with a quality Sony camera, stabilized gimbal and smart triggering system, provides the most accurate integrated payload on your drone.
The new camera payload can be upgraded to KlauPPP, for a simple effective no-base-station solution, anywhere in the world. KlauPPP is the ‘black magic’ of drone positioning. No need to log data or download CORS data, it works wherever you are, regardless of proximity to a base station. An excellent solution for corporate fleets covering large remote areas.
Quality Sony cameras, on popular DJI drones, with Klau Geomatics technology: the cost effective, reliable and accurate UAV mapping and inspection solution.
Visit www.klauppk.com or contact Klau Geomatics   [email protected] for more information.