Klau Geomatics has unveiled the StockPiler bulk asset measurement system, which provides accurate stockpile measurement on demand, without the need for deploying resources such as survey teams or drone operators.

Previously, inventory levels could change in the time it took for data to be collected, calculated, and made available. StockPiler stores live results in a dashboard that can be accessed anywhere, at any time.



The StockPiler hardware includes an integrated cluster of LiDAR laser scanners installed and calibrated at the warehouse, port, mine, or facility where assets are stockpiled. StockPiler data can be accessed via web browser or integrated into current business systems.

StockPiler scans the surface and produces an accurate 3D point cloud comprising millions of points. It generates accurate data, measuring all the variations on the surface of the material. The multiple-point scanning ability allows StockPiler to calculate the accurate volume and mass of a stockpile.

StockPiler leverages edge compute architecture, as used in other products by Klau Geomatics such as the Brumby Airborne and the Mobile Laser Scanner. This technology allows the calculation to happen on the device, and the results to be available within minutes.

StockPiler gives users the ability to schedule ships, trucks, and trains based on precise measurements of bulk assets. The solution provides data to reconcile actual volume and mass against weighbridge figures for regular audits.

The architecture in the code allows versatility in the application of the device to give further site-specific data. For example, StockPiler could be adapted to measure flow rate or other types of change detection according to requirements. StockPiler gives users insight into the state of stockpiles, helping to protect against any loss due to mismanagement of materials.

StockPiler aims to improve efficiency in workflows and provide a fast return on investment for companies that currently deploy survey crews or drone operators to scan and compute volumes. StockPiler enters the market as an accurate fixed solution that is more cost-effective, eliminates human error, improves safety, improves processes, saves time, and saves resources.

“This is a great example of Klau Geomatics tech coming together, with edge compute and modern software architecture, to make a functional and customisable system,” Rob Klau, Director of Klau Geomatics said.