Surveying Industry Set For A Shake Up with Affordable Drone Bundle

When combined the KlauPPK and DJI Phantom4Pro become the most capable, light mapping drone on the market.

NOTE: Unfortunately this bundle is no longer available as the P4Pro is discontinued. If you are lucky enough to have a P4Pro we can upgrade your drone. 

KlauPPK is the established industry leader in precise drone positioning, and is now offering the tech mounted on a P4Pro affordable for entry level early adopters.

As a stand alone unit the KlauPPK 7700C is ready to scale, offering connectivity to various IMUs/INS, with tightly coupled processing via desktop or cloud. Data handshake, timing synchronization, and consolidated data logging are all standard. 

The KlauPPK P4Pro Package includes this ultimate black box of geospatial technology, conveniently packaged with a calibrated camera. This bundle comes fully assembled and ready to hit the air. Straight from the box you can:

  • Use your drone for ground survey validation and GCP placement
  • More precise shutter timing capture
  • Individually calibrated lenses for each unit 
  • Compatible with any flight controller app
  • KlauPPK desktop software included

The KlauPPK processing options offer versatility and convenience unrivalled in the industry. Choose from:

  • Optional base station
  • 2 months free hybrid PPK/PPP ‘no base station’ post processing service by MakeItAccurate

The result is the best possible accuracy in data capture, with less field time and faster photogrammetry post processing. Bring your surveying projects to a new level of accuracy and efficiency with the KlauPPK Phantom4Pro combination.

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