Our BASIC system suits many photogrammetric mapping operations.
Traditional PPK requires local or CORS base station data and our KlauPPK post processing software.
The PPP RT Real-time trajectory solution applies Terrastar-C Pro satellite clock and orbit corrections, broadcast via satellite to the aircraft.
Onboard trajectory processing means high accuracy with no base station and minimal post processing.
The SPAN INS option adds an IMU and real time tightly coupled Kalman Filter processing.
High accuracy anywhere, without base stations, in real time, including accurate sensor orientation.
Essential for LiDAR

The Klau Geomatics positioning system is versatile and modular,
to grow as your business scales.


A quality, reliable PPK solution compatible with DSLR and aerial cameras.
High quality NovAtel GNSS, full-constellation, multi-frequency, military spec receiver.
Camera triggering and capture of precise exposure timing.



Camera triggering of DSLR and aerial cameras, by time or distance interval. Precise centre of exposure timing capture with the raw GNSS data. 
Simple IMU to capture aircraft tilts for lever arm correction calculations.
Base station data required from your own survey-grade receiver, purchase our dedicated base station or download CORS data. Direct download of CORS data is integrated with KlauPPK software.
Survey Grade Post Processing. Sync to photos, apply lever arm corrections, apply coordinate transformations and geoid models, calculate site localizations, export photo coordinates.


RTK From the Sky

High accuracy, anywhere, live.

Stream accurate position data to your flight management or log with your integrated sensors.
PPP (Precise Point Positioning) full-constellation satellite clock and orbit corrections, transmitted via satellite to your receiver and processed live.



High Autonomous Precision Precise and accurate, live 3cm positioning. No base station.
Simple Operation Log raw data and trajectory coordinates or stream precise NMEA positions to your flight controller or sensor.
Post Processing Option Post process raw data to apply lever arm corrections (from the antenna to your sensor) and coordinate transformations.
Annual Subscription, free 5 day trial.


Real Time high accuracy trajectory and orientation


Multi sensor support. Live, accurate sensor position and orientation.
Real-time, onboard, tightly coupled GNSS/IMU Kalman Filter processing of GNSS, Terrastar, and IMU data.




Higher Accuracy and Reliability The combination of  GNSS PPP and IMU creates a supportive synergy to produce reliable data in less favourable environments. 
Multi-sensor support  Integrate ‘lever arm corrected’ position and orientation data with multiple cameras, LiDAR and geophysics sensors. 
Live Position and Attitude No post processing required. Live, highly accurate camera direct georeferencing. 
Essential for LiDAR Precise sensor position and orientation for LiDAR georeferencing. 

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