Stockpile Inventory at your Fingertips

Knowing the immediate state of your stockpiles is critical to asset management.
No need to deploy surveyors or drones to scan and compute volumes.
Reconcile actual volume against weighbridge figures. Know the value of your assets and where they are.

Start to really understand your inventory, to better plan the logistics of truck arrivals and ship loading.
Australian designed and manufactured

How it works

The StockPiler is an integrated cluster of laser scanners, installed and calibrated at your warehouse, port, mine or facility where your assets are stockpiled. 
Authorised personnel can request  or schedule scans to determine the precise volume of materials at any time.
Fast response. Accessible via a web browser or integrated into business management systems.
Accurate stockpile volumes at your fingertips, to enable precise shipping and handling decision making.
Optimised hardware selection, design, deployment and integration.


Klau Geomatics will supply the most appropriate hardware for your installation. 
The system runs on a Linux computer in a weatherproof enclosure, with network control of the scanners and authenticated access to the data. 
Innovative software architecture enables customisation of the design and functionality of the system.

User Interface

Request a scan at any time, or schedule automated scans. Simple, effective, immediate web access to data.
Data is collected, volumes computed and results displayed within minutes.
Raw data and system metadata is available to surveyors for data QC and calibration.
Historical data is archived and accessible.
Access management with your existing corporate system.
API data stream, to enable visualisation in your business operations dashboard.

Not quite what you’re looking for? 

Klau Geomatics can customize a system with different IMUs and LiDAR scanners for your specific applications.
  • Single and dual receiver GNSS options
  • Hesai, Riegl, Ouster, Livox & other LiDAR
  • IMUs from Epson, Honeywell, VectorNav and KVH
  • Custom configuration to suit your requirements

Configure your Klau Geomatics system.

Contact us to discuss a system
for your requirements.