Klau Geomatics is an Australian Geospatial Innovation Company

With it’s roots in geodetic, mapping and exploration surveying and R&D,
Klau Geomatics has a long history at the forefront of technology in the geospatial sector.

Klau Geomatics has launched a hybrid PPK/PPP processing service. The processing engine is accessible via a pay-per-use web interface or API. 

This enables GNSS data to be processed with precise clock and ephemeris corrections and up to 15 reliable CORS stations within 150km. Fully automated, the system enables users to make their GNSS data highly accurate without any external inputs such as base station data. 

MakeItAccurate makes high accuracy simple and achievable. Accessible and reliable, anywhere. This is truly an industry game-changer.

Industry Leader in PPK Hardware & Software Development

KlauPPK development and commercialisation remains under the Klau Geomatics company.

The Klau Geomatics PPK hardware and post-processing software has been in development for over 6 years and is regarded as the most sophisticated, accurate and reliable solution in the industry.

The modular hardware is drone and camera agnostic and can be moved between platforms, enabling the greatest cost effectiveness for fleets of various aircraft. Compatible with manned aircraft, drones from DJI, Yuneec, Intel and other custom drones, handheld and terrestrial camera systems.

The KlauPPK software gives serious attention to detail, applying 3D lever arm corrections and transforming data with published coordinate systems, geoids and site localization.

This is a Survey Product 

R&D is the focus of this operation, with many new development paths currently active. 

Current KlauPPK research and development includes integration with various IMUs (Honeywell, Vectornav, KVH and others) and LiDAR integration with Riegl, Ouster, Hesai and Livox, including Chabok Pro software for high-accuracy no-base-station pointcloud georeferencing.

See full details of the KlauPPK Positioning system at www.KlauPPK.com

Geospatial Data Management, Visualisation and Collaboration

In 2014, Klau Geomatics created 4DMapper

4DMapper is a cloud platform to manage, visualise and collaborate with geospatial data.

Realising the pending data deluge with the uptake of drones in the geospatial sector, the Klau Geomatics team set out to create an accessible platform to exchange data between the data acquirers such as drone operators, geospatial experts adding value to this data, and end users requiring easy access to visualise the products and create useful outcomes from the data.

4DMapper Pty Ltd was launched publicly in July 2015, enabling users to upload, view and share geospatial data. Tools were added to measure points lines areas and volumes, to extract (digitize) these markups, with multiple users enabled simultaneously to see each others’ work.

The product grew to focus on support for 3D Mesh models, critical to the asset inspection sector, with a workflow to click on a model, find the best original photos of that point, annotate the photos and create a database of results.

The product continues to develop with the current focus on meeting the needs of enterprise customers.

4DMapper Pty Ltd continues to develop innovative technology in streaming 3D geospatial data.

UAV Geomatics (Australia)

In 2012, the company founded UAV Geomatics Pty Ltd

UAV Geomatics is an early adopter UAV service company providing mapping and surveying services for waste management and land development, primarily with an advanced large fixed wing UAV. Robert Klau was the Chief Operator and Chief RPAS Controller of the company for a time until the hiring of a dedicated pilot.

UAV Geomatics Pty Ltd was successfully sold in 2016

Robert Klau

Director of Klau Geomatics
Co-Founder/CEO of 4DMapper

Rob has 30 years of international experience as a consultant/contractor in mapping, surveying, photogrammetry, remote sensing and exploration. He is founder and director of Klau Geomatics, a successful survey operations company running up to 5 remote crews, now manufacturing the KlauPPK GPS receiver. He founded, grew and successfully exited a UAV mapping company. Rob has solid domain expertise and a broad perspective on the geospatial industry. He holds a Bachelor of Surveying degree and ESP-AP SSSI certification.

Adam Chabok

PhD Airborne Remote Sensing and Photogrammetry
Technical Director of Klau Geomatics
Co-Founder/CTO of 4DMapper

Adam has over 17 years of experience in photogrammetry and mapping with in-depth technical and product knowledge and strong academic credentials. He ran a geospatial consulting company in 2000, lead research and development for a progressive drone manufacturer, and was instrumental in developing a new generation of high-end aerial mapping systems for UAVs. He has BSc in Surveying, MSc in Photogrammetry and PhD in remote Sensing.

Brett Johnson

Director of Marketing and Sales
Klau Geomatics and 4DMapper

Brett has had a solid career in exploration, mining, and airborne surveying. This has included leading
corporate geophysical and geospatial businesses globally, executing major complex projects in difficult environments. Brett is a commercial pilot, with a broad experience in Flight Operations, Maintenance and CRM/Air Safety. Always a proponent for task applicable technology and getting the most insight from data, Brett is able to talk to numerous market segments and brings a systematic and professional approach to the customer engagement processes.

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