Aerial Surveying
and Mapping Solutions

Fully Integrated
Payloads and Workflows

Klau Geomatics can build you an end-to-end aerial acquisition system,
efficient and affordable,
to map larger areas than feasible with drones, from small light aircraft.


Add accuracy  and efficiency to your existing manned aircraft camera system,

or purchase a complete solution from planning to data delivery,

including mission planning, FMS, cameras, LiDAR and other sensors, positioning and data processing

…even the aircraft.


Proven professional solutions

Klau Geomatics systems are built by geospatial professionals for geospatial professionals. Aerial surveying traditionally required many GCPs (ground control points) across the site to achieve reasonable absolute geo-positioning accuracy. With the Klau Geomatics system there is a simple, effective solution to save hours or days in the field and achieve even better results.
The Klau PPK direct georeferencing system, a synergy of hardware, software, and methodology, is an accurate, cost-effective, precision surveying technology for aerial mapping.
With Klau Geomatics direct georeferencing, you can cover larger areas in a single flight by reducing the side overlap down to 40%. You no longer need to place GCPs across your entire site (do have some check points though to prove just how accurate it is). Photogrammetry processing is faster and more accurate.


Based on highest quality NovAtel GNSS technology

Klau Geomatics uses industry-leading NovAtel GNSS hardware at the core of its products.
Proven and tested with millions of hours in space, aerial, marine and terrestrial environments, this technology offers the highest levels of interference mitigation and signal processing.
With full constellation data logging, precise camera synchronization and global corrections options, KlauPPK is the most sophisticated system of its kind.


Professional Survey Software

The Klau Geomatics aerial mapping  software suite takes you from Mission Planning through Flight Management in the aircraft, to PPP, PPK and IMU trajectory processing, data management and delivery.
Options for worldwide no-base-station hybrid PPP/PPK processing, Klau Geomatics software manages lever arm corrections, IMU data, datum and coordinate transformations, application of geoid models and site localization.


Built to Connect

The Klau Geomatics hardware/firmware/software suite is designed primarily to connect and communicate with external devices.
Various IMUs (Pixhawk, VectorNav, Honeywell, KVH and others) are supported to handshake, sync and log raw data.
NMEA and PPS outputs support and synchronise external devices such as Flight Management Systems. 
Data logging of various LiDAR units are supported (Livox, Hesai, Ouster, Riegl and others).
Built for custom integration.


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Company Bio in NovAtel Velocity Magazine

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