• Direct sales of LiDAR scanners
  • Geo-referenced LiDAR solutions for mobile and aerial mapping
  • Wide area mapping systems
  • Static stockpile volume scanning 
PPK for manned aircraft

Brumby LiDAR

Mobile Mapping for vehicles, boats, helicopters and fixed-wing aircraft

End to end Georeferenced LiDAR solution, hardware, software and data delivery.

  • Integrated GNSS, IMU and LiDAR
  • Simple installation, operation and minimal data workflow
  • Australian designed and manufactured

Klau Geomatics now represents
in Australia and New Zealand.

We offer direct sales and an unmatched level of support
for all of these products.

Looking for a LiDAR sensor  for your applications?

  • State of the art LiDAR technology

  • A range of point density, beam angle and distance options

  • Supported by Klau Geomatics, with or without integration

Our technical team has a deep understanding of the product suite, to a level not typically found in sales organisations.

This gives us the ability to offer insights and solutions, whether on the purchase of a stand alone sensor for your specific integration or with further engagement of our team to create a solution.


Static volume measurement automation

Simple, accurate stockpile volume determination

  • For outdoor or shed storage
  • reconcile volumes of minerals, grain and other high-value assets at the press of a button
  • Australian designed and manufactured

Brumby LiDAR for Airborne GeoPhysics

Terrain swath mapping + positioning of other sensors + altimetry

Map the terrain below your regular airborne geophysics acquisition

  • Terrain mapping with minimal post processing
  • Positioning of other sensors and flight altimetry
  • Australian designed and manufactured

Geiger-Mode LiDAR for Wide Area Airborne Surveys

Massive area coverage and extremely high point density

Geiger-Mode LiDAR is a unique mapping technology in a league of its own.

  • First time in Australia in 2023
  • Map massive areas for resources, infrastructure, carbon bio-mass, forestry and fire load
  • Unprecedented data capture at scale

Not quite what you’re looking for? 

Klau Geomatics can customize a system with different IMUs and LiDAR scanners for your specific applications.

  • Single and dual receiver GNSS options with real time PPP or RTK, and optional PPK post processing
  • Hesai, Riegl, Ouster, Livox & other LiDAR
  • IMUs from Epson, Honeywell, Vectornav and KVH
  • Custom configuration to suit your requirements

Configure your Klau Geomatics system.

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