The accuracy of the Klau PPK Module exceeds expectations every time. I have performed some checks using a surveyor’s Total Station against the results from the Klau PPK Module, and if the flight is done at low altitude and with a large overlap, the accuracy on any point is as good as single measurement performed by RTK GNSS measurements (usually better than 20mm).

After an experience with a competing system, I needed to be sure that Klau Geomatics was going to deliver the system that was offered. After speaking with Rob Klau many times, I could tell that he and his company were very capable of delivering, as well as being always available to provide support and answer any questions.

I love the fact that it just works… every time. Oh, and not spending hours/days placing ground control points too, of course.

The support is second to none. And the cost-benefit of not placing GCPs will pay for itself very quickly. Not to mention the added safety and freedom of not needing to walk the subject site. It’s no brainier.

–Michael Cutfield, Survey Manager; The Fletcher Construction Company Ltd, New Zealand