Basically this PPK unit is awesome.

Most errors come in at around 20mm horizontally and 30mm vertically. The worst result I have achieved is 49mm vertically on a checkpoint, and 33mm horizontally. This is well within spec for the work we do with the UAV.

I read numerous articles on PPK vs RTK, and PPK appeared to be the better option for many reasons. I started researching PPK units for UAV’s and found the Klau unit. I then spoke to Rob a few times about how it all worked etc and he was extremely helpful. Being able to speak directly to the company and ask questions was a big plus. And that support has been ongoing, even after purchasing the unit.

The best thing about this unit is that it allows you to survey areas that are inaccessible without having to lay ground control. The time saved by not having to drive all over the survey area putting out ground control is huge. The unit is also very small and doesn’t seem to have an effect on flight times, and the post-flight reduction software is pretty straight forward to use.

Give [Klau Geomatics] a call and have a chat. Then just buy one!

-Will Heesterman, Surveyor; The Surveying Company HB Ltd, Australia